About US

Message from the Principal

Dear parents,

It take me great pleasure to launch the school’s website and I welcome you to our school’s website. 

It is still under construction but to share you the successful celebrations of Silver Jubilee of Our School which were held from 8th January 2017 to 12th January 2017. We had crossed 26 years and it is indeed a remarkable milestone of the institution. I am very grateful to Parents, Students and my Team to make it possible the celebrations will be remembered for long.

We have one simple goal – ensuring that your child achieves the best possible result in order to lay the best possible foundation for your child`s future.  Premier Public School is a Registered and Recognized institution. While numerous schools are functioning in this locality , the difference between Premier and Other institution is that children seek diverse platform, International collaborative projects (Other than academic) for their creative exposure. The school value discipline in both work ethics and personal conduct. Our team will be very willing to help you with any guidance/information related to your child`s education & development.

Mansoor Naz Vindhani


Premier Public  School is one of the leading  private institutions of Sharifabad F.B.Area vicinity. PPS is a world class academic institution with a proud history of achievements and ambitious plans for the future. Premier Public  School provide quality education from early years till Matric (Grade 10). It focuses on nurturing the individual holistically by implanting  in them, a balanced approach towards life. Consistent with our national & Islamic values, we seek to develop the hidden potentials to excel and persevere in meeting the challenges they have to encounter in life by grooming them intellectually and to make them morally strong and effective global citizens.

We believe all children are intelligent & we celebrate their uniqueness, strengths, interests and personalities by providing them with the best that a teaching institution can. The vision of this organization supports simplicity- we aspire to put smiles on the faces of children by making their experience at school healthy, informative and fun. Our Whole Child Education approach focuses on nurturing innate intelligence through hands-on active learning and opportunities for self expression and peer relationships.

Premier Public School is initiated by a renowned educationist and former principal “Habit Public School” Mr. S.M.H. Bilgrami in 1990. In 1997 due to health problem Mr. Bilgrami had retired himself as principal and appointed Mr. Mansoor Naz Vindhani who had Post graduated from Wolverhampton university, UK. Bilgrami and Vindhani’s professional leadership bring remarkable changes to the student’s academic performance. During 1998 due to serious illness Mr Bilgrami handed over the charge of school to a Non Profit trust called “Children Education Trust” (CET).  The CET is committed to enrich its repertoire of family services by providing innovative and enduring school education.

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

“Our Vision”

All children inherently love to learn. Learning for children is a discovery of the self and a yearning to share that discovery with peers, teachers and parents. To help children Become happy and responsible citizen of the world community, school need to provide much more than mere syllabi and examination oriented education. The need of the hour is to develop a new attitude towards the child and to address the myriad learning requirements of the child. Our vision is to create a school where learning is defined by the child’s inherent desire to learn Inspired by a philosophy of Love, You and Faith in the child as learner and guided by educational research and knowledge development. For us, this search is the beginning of a journeys moving with the strengths of known educational principal to the evolution of new practices of learning. Intriguing and sharing. We invite you to be a part Of this journo though a variety of ways by leaning with us. By contributing in thought and sprits and by sharing your learning experience.


“Our Mission”

“To enable the student to become confident responsible human being through a caring, loving & learning environment”.

In addition to our mission we provide safe, caring, orderly and supportive environment that promotes the development of values, knowledge, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and qualities to equip every student for multiple roles in society. We stress on the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of each child through holistic formation.


“Our Philosophy”

Premier Public School believes that each child is unique capable, creative and intelligent. Our job is to support these qualities and to challenge every child in appropriate ways to that they develop fully. we believe that all children have the right to multiple ways of learning, doing and expression in developmentally appropriate settings that support their limitless potential and possibilities. 

Premier Public School offers the following:-

  • Syllabus development on most modern & Scientific approach.
  • Participation of student in National & International projects.
  • Strong emphasis on literacy, Numeracy and ICT
  • Home, School and Community Partnership.
  • Separate campuses for girls & boys.
  • Curricular & Co-Curricular activities.
  • Book Bank (for deserve students).
  • Education study tour / field trips.
  • Morning & afternoon shift.
  • Parenting workshop.
  • Sibling Discount
  • Life Skills